Skillet Pork Chops with Corn and Bacon

  • Preparation Time
  • Total Time
  • Number of Servings 4

Meaty pork chops get dressed up with smoky bacon and vibrant vegetables in this quick sauté that can be on the table in minutes. 



1. Cook bacon in a large skillet 4 – 5 minutes, remove from pan and set aside.

2. Add pork chops to skillet and sauté 4 – 6 minutes per side. Remove from pan and place on plate covered with foil.

3. Stir in corn, onions, garlic and jalapeño in skillet, cook 2–3 minutes.  

4. Pour in chicken broth, scraping the bottom of skillet to deglaze.  

5. Add bacon and pork chops, then simmer 5–6 minutes. Season to taste with salt and pepper, top with green onions and serve.

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