Burger Toppers

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Towering treats from the grill! Mix and match these ideas to pile your burgers high with flavor and fun!



Rio Bravo Bacon Burger
Grill burgers, melt a slice of American cheese on top and pile with cooked Thick Sliced Bacon (440) and barbecue sauce.

Hawaiian Holiday Burger
Grill burgers, add a slice of Sliced Ham (492) and top with grilled pineapple ring.

Mean Green Supreme Burger
Grill burgers, then pile with  cooked Pepper Bacon (417), grilled green pepper rings, and guacamole.

Portabella Deluxe Burger
Grill burgers, melt a slice of American cheese on top, then pile with Thick Sliced Bacon (440)  and grilled portabella mushrooms.

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