Collage: photo of founder Marvin Schwan standing next to a Schwan's Home Delivery truck and a photo of Schwan's Home Delivery driver with a child dressed up as him for Halloween

We were in the frozen food delivery business before it was cool.

Schwan's Home Delivery frozen food delivery truck.

About Schwan’s Home Delivery: bringing goodness to the neighborhood.

It all started with ice cream and a yellow truck in rural Minnesota. 70 years later, we’re still a family-owned company that proudly serves communities and families across America. As times have changed, so have we. We never get tired of working to find new ways to make sure our frozen food and delivery service exceed your expectations. Because one thing will never change: we believe every meal should be a delight.

A mission lived is trust earned.

Our mission:

Our passion is to deliver extraordinary experiences, lasting relationships and outstanding food to America’s tables.

At Schwan’s Home Delivery, our mission still guides us


years later

Always Deliver More

Quality has been at the core of everything we’ve done since day one. From delicious food and personal service to the way we work together and the relationships we build, we don’t settle. Today, that means making your life easier so you can spend more time with the people you love.

A table full of Schwan’s Home Delivery food including Baby Back Ribs, Asparagus Spears, Corn on the Cob, and Sweet Potatoes.

Quality food

Your family deserves the best. That’s why we use premium, simple and wholesome ingredients you know and trust to deliver the flavors you love. With our foods frozen at peak deliciousness, preparation is easy and quality is preserved.

Quality service

We put you first in everything we do with contact-free delivery on your schedule. You can feel confident knowing we pack your order with care so it stays frozen for hours.

Quality time

You want family time, not prep time. From cut and seasoned pre-prepped portions to options you can cook or heat in 30 minutes or less, our food lets you enjoy what mealtime is really about: together time.

Grabbing a seat at your table for nearly 70 years.

Signature Chicken Breast Fillets

More 5-star ratings

for our Signature™ Chicken Breast Fillets than there are stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Schwan’s Home Delivery yellow refrigerated delivery Truck

72 million miles

driven per year to Deliver Goodness to homes across America

Orange Sherbet Push-Ems

Enough Push-Ems®

sold in a year to run the length of a marathon

Our best-in-class food delivery infrastructure.



Food delivery

offered in 48 states


for all occasions

Propane- powered trucks

since 1974


yellow trucks

Largest direct-to-consumer frozen food delivery service

in the U.S.

Schwan’s Home Delivery:

the original direct-to-consumer frozen food delivery company.

Founder Marvin Schwan standing next to a Schwan's Home Delivery refrigerated delivery truck

Pioneering innovation since 1952.

In 1952, Marvin Schwan packed his 1946 Dodge panel van with 14 gallons of ice cream, dry ice and a new idea: bring frozen treats to his rural Minnesota neighbors. And at the end of the day, boy did he deliver.

With vision and hard work, Marvin grew his novel idea into a new model for bringing quality food to America’s families.

A history of ingenuity and excellence.


Various scoops of Schwan’s Home Delivery ice cream.

In the decade since Marvin’s first delivery, Schwan’s Home Delivery went from offering six delicious ice cream flavors to 40.


installation of computing technology at Schwan’s Home Delivery office building.

Payroll may be automated these days, but in 1970 it took over 24 hours of labor to process. Schwan’s Home Delivery brought in the latest (and quite large) computing technology of the day to save time. The rooftop computer reduced the one-day job to 160 minutes.


Schwan’s Home Delivery refrigerated delivery truck that runs on propane

Marvin was always looking to make his trucks run more efficiently. So he transitioned them to propane, an affordable and environmentally friendly fuel. Today, 75% of Schwan’s Home Delivery trucks run on propane.


Schwan’s Home Delivery Driver using their handheld computer to place a customer order.

In an industry first, Schwan’s Home Delivery drivers began carrying handheld computers. We also introduced toll-free phone ordering and mobile credit card payments. More than technological firsts, they were customer-first innovations.


1996 Schwan’s Home Delivery Catalog.

The Shopping Guide launched to promote our expanding frozen food lineup. The 48-page catalog was published three times a year for customers looking for their seasonal favorites.


Schwan’s Home Delivery chef on QVC TV.

Schwan’s Home Delivery made its debut on live TV, selling a complete meal on the QVC cable network. The star of the show was the Burgundy Roast meal.


A Schwan’s Home Delivery driver grabbing a bag of frozen food out of their refrigerated delivery truck to deliver to customers.

Schwan’s Home Delivery activated two vital tools to ensure food quality and support our safety culture - a remote temperature monitoring system and telematics. Together they let drivers make sure the food and trucks are at their best.

The evolution continues.

From the very beginning, Schwan’s Home Delivery has been at the forefront of innovation in food delivery. No matter where you live or how you order, our customer-first omnichannel experience delivers goodness every day.

Our Leadership Team

Schwan’s Home Delivery leadership team enjoying ice cream.

A long history of leadership with today’s innovators.

Our leaders embody Marvin Schwan’s pioneering spirit. Learn more about the people bringing us into the future.

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Social Responsibility

Schwan’s Home Delivery believes it’s our responsibility to deliver extraordinary experiences, lasting relationships and outstanding food to our communities in ways that systemically drive inclusive entrepreneurialism, American innovation and social good.

Our dedication to positive social impact is built on three pillars.

Entrepreneurial sponsorship

With the same pioneering spirit that built our company in 1952, we are passionate about joining forces with unique, diverse and under-resourced food businesses and local entrepreneurs, helping deliver their products to America’s tables.

Community fellowship

Honoring our small-town roots, we pledge to provide more than outstanding service and products to communities across the country — we will help our neighbors prosper by building a legacy of growth for diverse and under-resourced communities, children and families.

Employee relationships

Starting with the Schwan family — who have owned our company for nearly 70 years — the family table has been at the heart of our business. We believe in diversity of thought, experience and ideas, and we invite every one of our employees to pull up a chair and connect in constructive and meaningful ways.

Schwan's Home Delivery frozen food delivery truck.

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