What do the reward changes mean for me?

What about Delights is changing?

Starting on May 12, all Delights Rewards members will begin earning 3% back on purchases, regardless of whether the order is placed online, over the phone or at the door, or of their program status. Delights Plus members will still receive free delivery on all yellow truck orders or free shipping through UPS on orders over $80. AARP members will still earn 2x rewards.

Why are you making these changes?

Like so many companies, we have been hit with the effects of inflation, transportation and manufacturing price hikes, and supply chain disruptions. We will continue to do our best to balance our increased cost of doing business with providing our customers with excellent products and outstanding personal service. We are updating our Delights program to maintain this balance.

What if I already placed an order? Will I still earn 5% (or 7%) back?

Rewards are issued at time of delivery, so if the delivery date is on or after May 12, the order would qualify for the 3% back earning.

Can I still earn Delights Plus status if I spend over $1000 this year?

Yes! Delights Plus members will still receive additional benefits like free delivery on all orders (free shipping on Direct Ship orders over $80), and other special offers throughout the year.

How can I redeem Delights Rewards?

You can continue to redeem Delights rewards on future purchases made on schwans.com, via the app or over the phone.

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