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Muffin Top Cookies

Muffin Top Cookies

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Yummy muffin batter made into a cookie style treat.  Irresistably creative and you choose the toppings.

Our pre-portioned muffin batter is ready to be topped, filled or glazed.


Ingredients and Steps


1 pkg Blueberry Muffin Starters (956), thawed


1. Preheat oven to 375°F.

2. Top or fill muffins with desired options and bake according to package instructions.
3. Bake, cool and frost.

Top-Sprinkle with either poppy seed, a streusel, or nuts before baking.
Fill-Make and indent in batter and fill with either lemon curd, flavored cream cheese, jelly or jam before baking.
Glaze or Frost- Use a lemon or almond glaze or frost with your favorite butter or cream cheese frosting.

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