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Ice Cream Party Penguins

Ice Cream Party Penguins

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Total Time: 
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 A fun and creative edible desserts for any occasion!


Ingredients and Steps


2 scoops Vanilla Ice Cream (204), frozen

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1 orange chocolate covered candy
2 chocolate chips
2 black jelly beans
1 thin chocolate wafer


1. Stack 1 small scoop of ice cream on top of another larger scoop to make body and head.

2. Place 1 orange coated chocolate candy into head to make a beak.

3. Make eyes with chocolate chips and wings with half of chocolate wafer.

4. Tuck jelly beans on bottom of body to make feet.

5. Sprinkle a layer of coconut onto platter to make snow. Place penguin on snow and freeze for 1-1 1/2 hours before serving.


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