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Stuffed Pasta Shells with Bacon and Spinach

Stuffed Pasta Shells with Bacon and Spinach

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Rich sauce and savory flavors blend to make this an unbelievably impressive and yet  easy to prepare feast.


Ingredients and Steps


1 small onion, thinly sliced
6 strips Fully Cooked Bacon Slices (811), thawed

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1 Tbsp butter
1/2 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup chicken broth
1/2 pkg Pasta Shells Stuffed with Cheese (485)

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1 cup fresh chopped spinach
1/4 cup shredded Parmesan cheese
Cracked pepper to taste


1. Sauté onions and bacon in butter for 2-3 minutes over medium heat.

2. Add cream, chicken broth and stuffed shells. Cover and simmer 7 minutes.

3. Remove cover, stir in spinach, reduce heat to low and simmer 5-7 minutes or until sauce thickens.

5. Top with Parmesan cheese and pepper.

Tip: Great topped with fresh diced tomatoes.

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