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BBQ Chicken, Broccoli Slaw & Pepper Bacon Sandwich

BBQ Chicken, Broccoli Slaw & Pepper Bacon Sandwich

Preparation Time: 
Total Time: 
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Make a quick, any-time sandwich with our totally undemanding, roasted chicken. Topped with creamy slaw and tangy BBQ dressing, this savory sandwich is a hit for families on the go.


Ingredients and Steps


1 cup BBQ sauce
8 slices Pepper Bacon (417), prepared and halved

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1. Mix together chicken and BBQ sauce.
2. Mix together coleslaw dressing and broccoli slaw.
3. Layer sliced buns with broccoli slaw mixture, BBQ chicken and bacon strips.
4. Add top halves of buns and serve.

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  • Pepper Bacon Pepper Bacon #417 | Serves 36

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