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Hot Dog Man

Hot Dog Man

Preparation Time: 
Total Time: 
Number of Servings: 

Let kids play with their food! It often gets picky eaters to try something new. Start with this easy Hot Dog Man idea and see what other ideas your kids will come up with on their own.


Ingredients and Steps


1 Skinless Franks (438), frozen

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3 pieces Crispy Taters (708), prepared
1/4 cup Green Beans (#783), prepared


Step 1:  Carefully slice skinless frank in half lengthwise leaving top half intact.

Step 2:  Create arms by making gill-like slits on sides beginning 1 inch from top of frank.

Step 3:  Microwave as directed.  Decorate with ketchup, taters and green beans and see Hot Dog Man come to life!

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