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This eye catching dessert will add excitement to your next gathering with the perfect mix of pretty and cool that will be memorable for your family and friends!

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1. Place 3 qt mixing bowl in freezer for 5 minutes to chill.
2. Line mixing bowl with plastic wrap with edges hanging over.
3. Mix together 8 cups of vanilla ice and 8-10 drops of green food coloring.
4. Spread mixture evenly on the inside round shape of the bowl to the top, leaving the middle empty; freeze 30 minutes.
5. Repeat the process with remaining vanilla ice cream, and freeze 30 minutes.
6. Fill the remaining middle space with watermelon sherbet. Freeze 8 hours or overnight to harden completey

To serve:
1. Hold a large serving plate against the molded dessert.
2. Flip over onto serving plate.
3. Cover bowl with a hot wet towel to easily remove from dessert.
4. Remove plastic wrap and cut to serve.

Tip: Make individual desserts using a small rounded bowls

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