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Main Entrees 
Unbreaded Chicken Breast Filets (502)
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"I have been buying their chicken breast for years now, never disappointed. What makes it so great? No fat to trim off. Such a treat to be able to eat a full piece of meat without biting into unsavory bits. And the single packaging makes it super easy to defrost and prep."
- waitingforthetruck
Bellingham, Wa
Marinated Salmon with Grill Flavor (539)
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Absolutely delicious
"I don't know, exactly, what the flavoring is but it's absolutely delicious! This salmon is some of the best we've ever eaten - and we've been ordering it since 2001! And 'if' we have leftovers I use them to make the most scrumptious salad to take to work the next day. Green salad, tomatoes, red onions and a dressing I crave that day - topped with the leftover salmon.

- Swtp2nia
Hillsboro, OR

Fully Cooked Beef Pot Roast with Gravy (424)
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"I was really impressed with this roast! This actually gives my mom's pot roast a run for its money, sorry mom! Once you try it you will be hooked :)"
- crabface
USDA Choice Filet Mignon (815)
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Great Steaks!
"This is my only steak now. The flavor is amazing. I would tell everyone to try these. You will not be disappointed. The size is perfect."
- Leftie1

Bone-In Pork Loin Chops (392)
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"These chops were awesome. I have ordered three times now because they are so perfect. Beautifully trimmed, juicy and delicious just seasoned with S and P!"
- neatochick917
Channahon, IL
English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich (820)
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Great breakfast sandwich
"I love these because the sausage is not overly spicy. My husband loves the quick prep before work and adds a little hot sauce to better suit his taste. It is a must on every order!"
- Hamswife
Mayfield Heights, Ohio

Side Dishes 
Super Sweet Cut Corn (773)
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"If sweet corn on the cob is not in season, this is my pick! Awesome taste. We add a TBSP of butter to a family serving and everyone loves it. This is one frozen vegetable to always have on-hand. You'll never buy canned corn again!"
- RunLikeYouOwnIt
East LeRoy, MI
MicroSteam Baby Broccoli Florets (870)
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Perfect for my 2 yr old!
"My 2 yr old loves broccoli. But when I buy them at the store the bag is half chopped stems. This was perfect! No stems and I barely have to break these apart for him. Great for toddlers!"
- JessieH
Milwaukee, WI

Cheese Stuffed Breadsticks (634)
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SO Delicious
"These are SO, SO good! Great out of the oven or even just out of the microwave. Highly recommend!"
- ChristinaU
Broccoli & Cheese (847)
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"Love this broccoli. It's so easy. Pour into a dish and microwave. What can be better in this hectic world. And it taste great!"
- yarnlady

Krunchie Potato Wedges (961)
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"My whole family loves these. The seasoning on them is perfect. I bake them as directed and kick the broiler on for an extra minute or two to add an additional crunch to them. They are great plain or with ketchup!"
- KDW1
Tampa, FL
French Baguette Bread (667)
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Up There With The Best
"I am kind of a bread snob, so when we decided to try this I was not sure I was going to like it, but MAN was I wrong. Excellent bread, crispy outside and soft center. One of the highest recommended items from our family that we tell our friends to try."
- Gerrom
Northern VA

Triple Berry Chocolate & Cheesecake (817)
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"This cake is so good. The swirl of fruit give it a unique twist. The chocolate cake and the cheesecake are melt in the mouth delicious. I am glad it is pre-sliced as I would probably eat a lot more that I should. It is well worth the money."
- Nvpat
Manchaca, TX
Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Miniatures (018)
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Perfect Size
"When you are looking for a small dessert that will satisfy, these things deliver big time! Its a perfect size and are very delicious."
- fsugrads
San Diego, CA

GOLD 'N' NUGIT® Bars (028)
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So Good!
"I was so excited to try these, and they did not disappoint. These are my husband's favorite, and he said to "Keep them coming!" Creamy, crunchy, and delicious!"
- SarahJG
Poultney, VT
Vanilla Ice Cream (204)
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The best
"This is the best vanilla ice cream. Rich vanilla flavor. Add some of Schwans blueberries on top and it can't be beat!!"
- tostewart

Chocolate Fudge Brownie Frozen Yogurt (388)
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"Sinfully delicious!!! Doesn't get melty like ice cream does. The flavor is divine. The ratio of fudge to chocolate is perfect."
- headache
Gtfalls, mt
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Supreme Frozen Cookie Dough (812)
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"We loved these cookies to death! They are the best cookies I have ever had.Enough said."
- RKRichmond
Jacksonville, FL


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