All Natural Fruits — Always in Season

Our 100% Grade A, all natural fruits have no additives or preservatives and are flash frozen within hours of being picked, locking in the fresh flavor and nutrients at their peak.


Grade A: What does it mean?

To be considered Grade A, frozen fruit must be nearly flawless. This means the fruit growers must take great care in harvesting and packaging — and it means that we are confident that every package of fruit you eat is the highest possible quality.

Schwan's Dark Sweet Cherries

We set out to find the best tasting dark sweet cherries in the United States, which brought us to Washington state, home to North America’s finest cherries. By sourcing directly from the farm, we know exactly where our cherries are coming from, and ensure they meet the highest-quality standard given by the USDA, and more importantly, the high standard you have for your family.

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